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Wireless home security alarm kit

Author: Zespół Dione
31 Aug 2017

We often remember about the need to secure our property, house, or apartment only after all elements in a new building have been finished. Once the plaster, the paint, and the wallpaper has been applied, we suddenly think about an alarm that will give us a peace of mind when we are away from home. In such situation, the dilemma as to which type of an alarm system – a cable one or a wireless one – is very easy to solve. Still, which type of an alarm system is better?


The Dione system is an answer to all problems faced in such situations. The only cable that is required to connect your new system is the power supply cable of the Dione control unit. All the detectors added to the system are wireless devices. The detectors are a door/window opening detector (reed relay), a PIR motion detector, and a wireless smoke detector. It should be mentioned that a gas detector does require a separate power supply but communicates with the control unit wirelessly.


Control is performed using the Dione App application which is available in the Google Play store. A precise notification system informs the user about each burglary attempt at our home, office, or company. The Dione application additionally enables connecting a system of IP cameras and provides full control of the system from any place in the world. The only thing needed is constant Internet access.


Installation of the wireless alarm system with notifications is performed in a non-invasive manner. The only manual work that has to be done is fixing the detectors to appropriate surfaces, which is extremely simple. Information on the method of installation and calibration can be found here in special materials on this topic.


Once the work has been done, you can enjoy professional protection of your home while you are on vacation or during your business trips. To get more information about all the options of the Dione System, you are encouraged to watch the presentation below:


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