Wireless Smoke Detector


The wireless smoke detector is a perfect supplement to the Dione Basic Set. Make sure that your surroundings are even better protected and that you can respond at the right time to any threats thanks to notifications sent by the Dione App, where you can check the current status of the protection of your house, apartment, or office.

The detector is compatible only with the Dione system. In order to install and use it, you have to have the Dione control unit!


The wireless smoke detector in the Dione system makes it possible to ensure safety of your family and property. Extremely sensitive and able to detect even the smallest source of smoke, the detector will enable you to respond before a fire spreads in your house, apartment, or office. Wireless connectivity is ensured by using a 9 V 6F22 battery, which can supply the device in the standby mode for up to two years. On the enclosure of the device there is a test button and a LED diode that lights up red during an alarm. The detector covers an area equal to approximately 20 square meters and its range, in relation to Dione Central Unit is up to 100m in an empty space.


Technical data:
Battery: 9V
Sound level during an alarm: above 85 dB/m (also in the wireless mode)
Operating temperature range: -10/+50 deg. Celsius
Coverage: 20 m2
Alarm type: sound plus diode
Range of operation: 100 m in open space
Size: 106 mm x 59 mm

Once every 6 months, the detector should be cleaned in order to ensure its perfect operation; during the cleaning, the detector should be switched off.