Wireless Movement Detector PIR


A modern and elegant PIR motion detector that detects every undesirable movement in your house, apartment, or office. Very easy to calibrate. Wireless operation with 2xAA 1.5 batteries for up to two years! An integral part of the Dione Basic Set.

The price given is the price of 1 pc of the product.

The detector is compatible only with the Dione system. In order to install and use it, you have to have the Dione control unit!


The wireless PIR motion detector is one of the fundamental elements of the Dione Basic set. It detects motion in an assigned zone in a specific building. The detector has a very sensitive system for identification of actual movement and a PET mode. As a result, unlike cheaper competitive products, it does not trip unnecessarily. The Dione PIR detector can be used in any space that one wants to protect and monitor.


By using our detectors, you are guaranteed high quality and wireless communication with the detectors, thanks to the Dione Manipulator application. The Dione PIR detectors can also be used with other wireless alarm systems.


We encourage you to become familiar with the technical specification below:

Suggested installation height: 1.8 – 2.4 meters
Range: 12 m at 100 degrees
Adjustment of sensitivity of the detector
Alarm notification frequency: every 4 minutes
Range of the wireless system: 200 m in an open space
Dimensions: 109 mm x 65 mm x 47 mm

A wall mount and rawlplugs are provided. A perfect supplement to a wireless alarm system in your house or apartment is a wireless door/window opening detector, which is also available in our store.