Dione Home Alarm Central Unit

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A wireless alarm system for a home, an apartment, or an office. The Dione control unit is the heart of the system and makes it possible to connect up to 15 wireless motion detectors and door/window opening detectors (reed relays). Full control of alarms using a cell phone and an application in the Android 4.0 / IOS 10.0 or more recent system.


The heart of the smart wireless Dione alarm system. The Dione control unit enables full integration and control of security at your home, company’s office, or holiday cabin. The control unit is completely designed and made in Poland by Polish engineers.


Do you appreciate comfort and modernity? Our product is the answer to your requirements. Control is performed wirelessly using the Dione Manipulator application. You can connect up to 15 wireless detectors, create 8 users, each with different settings and calibrations assigned, and integrate up to 10 wireless IP cameras. Also, the Dione control unit is equipped with a high-class battery that can keep the alarm system online for up to 12 hours without a mains power supply.


At the time of use of the Dione Konektor together with the alarm system existing in your house, we can connect 10 wireless detectors to the Dione system.

If you have several properties that you would like to protect or monitor, you can install a control unit in each of them and fully control them from your private smartphone. You can control everything from any place of the world as long as you have a GPRS or Internet connection.


Download the Dione application, purchase the Dione Basic system, and enjoy security immediately:


 aplikacja dione  


In order to enable remote operation (from any place in the world where an Internet connection is available) of the Dione alarm system, you need to download free Dione application.