Dione Connector Module


Improve your old alarm system and add wireless functions to it. Do you already have an alarm system? Do you also own a Dione control unit? You can combine those two elements! The Dione Konektor module makes it possible to combine those two elements. The module is suitable for connecting 10 wireless detectors that are an element of your old alarm system. If you have purchased just the control unit earlier and now want to connect both alarm systems, all you have to purchase is that module!

The module is compatible only with the Dione system. In order to install and use it, you have to have the Dione control unit!


The Dione Konektor module is an advanced module that enables combination of two alarm systems: the existing cable alarm system and a new wireless Dione system. Of course, in order to install the module you also have to have the Dione control unit. So if you have one, you can buy just the module; if not, you can purchase a set consisting of the module and the control unit, which is available HERE.


The module makes it possible to connect 10 wireless detectors, to monitor them, and to control them with the Dione App. Thanks to this application, your old system will gain the complete functionality of our alarm system.


Additionally, we have made an instruction film for all handymen and installers that shows the proper way to install the module in the cabinet of the old alarm system. We encourage you to watch the film, which can be found in the Assemble tab.