Dione Connector Home Alarm Kit

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The Dione Konektor set is intended for persons who want to improve their existing old cable alarm system. By using the Dione Konektor set, one can refresh and extend the old system, to give it the full functionality of the Dione System, including geolocation, wireless detectors, and calling a professional security company. Please go to the assembly section and watch the instruction film on how this can be done.


The Dione Konektor set comprises two elements:

Dione Home Alarm Central Unit
Dione Konektor module


The Dione Konektor set is a product intended for persons who have an alarm system in their houses and would like to expand it so as to give it the functionality of the Dione system and additional wireless motion or door/window opening detectors.


The elements of the set are the Dione control unit and the Konektor module, which, installed in the current control unit of the existing cable alarm system, gives you full control of your system from the level of the Dione Manipulator application and enables expansion of the alarm system by adding wireless Dione components.

The Dione Konektor set makes it possible to connect 10 wireless detectors. By using the old system and upgrading by adding the Dione functionality, you can feel safer than ever before.


Together with your family, you can safety go on a skiing trip or go to the beach, while Dione takes care of your home and your property. In a split second you will be informed of any undesirable changes at your property or in your apartment. Thanks to the Dione Manipulator application, which can be purchased from Google Play or App Store:


Google Play oraz App Store:

 aplikacja dione  


you will have full control and ability to view the current situation in your house thanks to IP cameras that can be wirelessly connected to the Dione control unit.