Dione Basic Home Alarm Kit


A wireless alarm system with optional monitoring and notifications. Possibility to connect 15 wireless detectors and 8 IP cameras, and to control from any place in the world once you purchase subscription for just 4.90 zlotys a month! Optional location of your family members and to call a professional security company.

The set comprises:
Dione Unit Control
Wireless Movement Detector PIR – 2 pcs.
Wireless Open-Close Detector – 1 pcs.


Dione – In touch with safety.


The control unit is the heart of the smart wireless Dione alarm system. Thanks to the latest solutions based on a Wi-Fi network, you can save time and space by not having to install unnecessary cables. An additional advantage of the Dione control unit is the fact that it takes up little space and you can hang it on a wall. The control unit is equipped with a special battery that can be charged with any telephone charger with a micro USB cable. A fully charged battery supplies power for up to 12 hours without being connected to a power supply source. However, we recommend connecting the control unit directly to a power outlet.


The control unit can be fully operated using the Dione Manipulator application, which can be downloaded from the Google Play store:

aplikacja dione

The Dione system will make you feel safe and your family will be able to rely on you in any dangerous situation thanks to communication between the users of our wireless alarm system.


The Dione control unit is a Polish product and is fully designed and made in Poland. Our engineers have spent countless hours to enable you to enjoy time with your family without having to worry about your property. From any place in the world you can check the status of an alarm, call a security company, or see what is happening at your house, apartment, or office using IP cameras.


The Dione Basic set comprises: a Dione control unit, two PIR motion detectors, and a door/window opening detector that enables checking if a window or door is opened or closed. All the detectors connected to the system are wireless and their installation and calibration do not require any additional cables.


We encourage you to become familiar with the detectors included in the set:

Wireless Movement Detector PIR – 2 pcs.
Wireless Open-Close Detector – 1 pcs.

Technical data:
Number of wireless detectors that can be connected: 15
Number of IP cameras that can be connected: 8
Battery: 12 hours of operation during a power failure
Application: Android 4.0 or more recent
Number of systems on the telephone: max. 50
The Dione Basic set is suitable for local functioning and operation. If you want to use the system in the remote mode (from any place in the world as long as an Internet connection is available there), you need to purchase a subscription for the price of 4.90 zlotys a month and have access to the Wi-Fi network in the location where the Dione control unit is installed.