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How can you take care of the security of your children?

Author: Zespół Dione
15 Sep 2017

How can you take care of the security of your children?

Not every parent is happy about the way smartphones are used nowadays. Our family members spend a lot of time using them to play games, use social media, or watch films on YouTube. However, there are some good aspects of this situation.


All parents are concerned about their children. On many occasions they wonder where the kids are. There are times when our children need help but do not know exactly where they are. This is where the Dione system can provide excellent assistance.


In order to meet the expectations of our old and new customers, we designed a system that has an integrated geolocation functionality. With a touch of a button, you can verify where the family member who needs your help and who you are looking for is located. You can also immediately check if he or she has returned home.


Your wife, fiancée, or girlfriend has a flat tire and cannot fix it by herself? The Dione system can also help in this case. All your partner has to do is press the Call Help button in the application. In no time at all you will get a sound notification with a Google map showing the exact place from which it was sent!


There are thousands of applications for the geolocation functionality: it is up to your imagination and the current need to choose one. Also, you can check from the application level if a specific user of the application is at home, at the company or in the office. This functionality is possible thanks to identification of a specific mobile device connected to the Dione system.

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