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Alarm to the apartment in the residental building with notification

Author: Zespół Dione
31 Aug 2017

The wireless Dione alarm system works great in any residential building. When designing the system, we also considered residents of apartments that are often bought from previous owners or already finished by the developer. Consequently, future owners cannot change the structure of the utilities and the telecommunication systems in apartments.


Given the number of detectors that can be connected to it, the Dione Basic system is a perfect product for customers looking for a security system for their apartments. The system comprises two PIR motion detectors, one door/window opening detector (reed relay), and of course a Dione control unit. Those elements make it possible to secure a home against a burglary or any entrance from the outside.


The dedicated Dione Manipulator application makes it possible to control (activate and deactivate) the alarm system and to constantly monitor the status of detectors in specific spaces in which they are installed. A huge advantage is the fact that all the detectors in the Dione system are wireless. As a result, it is not necessary to cut into walls in order to install the cables of the alarm system.


As far as installation and calibration of the Dione system is concerned, we should mention the instruction films prepared by Dione installation technicians. The films will help you fully prepare the system, without any problem, to protect your home and to have access to the system from any place with Internet access. In order to watch the videos, follow this link.

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