About Us

STEKOP joint stock company has more than 30 years of experience in the personal and property security sector in the area of monitoring, physical security, design, and installation of complex technical security systems including critical state infrastructure facilities. Additionally, based on its long experience, the company manufactures technologically advanced equipment and systems for protection of building structures designed by its own Engineering Office.


Currently, we provide our services to over 10,000 individual and business customers in the entire country. Our customers include large corporations having hundreds of local offices, the SME sector, micro-businesses, and individuals. One of our customers is the Ministry of National Defense of the Republic of Poland, for which we provide comprehensive physical protection services, and services related to construction of technical infrastructure and delivery of technical security equipment made by our Company. The security of our customers is guaranteed by our state-of-the-art monitoring center, emergency response teams located all over the country, and our reliable and detail-oriented approach to our customers. Currently we employ over 3,000 people and this number is constantly increasing.


We have taken advantage of our experience in design and production of technologically advanced technical security equipment and systems for protection of special sites in order to prepare a product intended for individual customers and small businesses. This product is DIONE – an innovative system in the “Internet of things,” “Home security system,” and “Smart home” category, which guarantees the security of a home and its residents, and management of building infrastructure, which is fully managed from any place in the world using smartphone applications.


When you buy a product or a service from Stekop S.A., you’re safe in the hands of a company with huge experience and extensive human resources.