Wireless alarm system

The Dione Basic system makes it possible to provide security to an apartment, a row house, or a detached house without the need to cutting into walls in order to install cabling. Another huge advantage of the system is the possibility to control it from the level of a cell phone thanks to a special Dione App application. All you need is an alarm control unit and wireless detectors, such as a wireless motion detector, a wireless opening detector, and a wireless smoke detector. An additional option is immediate call of an emergency response team, after the relevant service has been purchased from Stekop S.A. Another advantage is optional geolocation which makes it possible to easily find the location of a family member and determine the route to that location when he or she needs our help. The installation of the set is extremely easy and quick. We encourage you to become familiar with the video in the Installation section.

An alarm with SMS notifications and notifications in the application.

Being able to receive information about the status of an alarm during our absence at home or in an office is very important. We cannot count on others to respond of their own will and come to our rescue. The Dione security system immediately informs the user about a burglary, a fire, or a gas leak thanks to notifications in the Dione App application or SMS notifications, depending on the selected settings and additional monitoring services purchased by the user. Also, when the user is abroad and does not have access to the Internet, every person who has the Dione Basic alarm set installed receives SMS notifications over the GPRS network. Regardless of where in the world you are, your property, home, or office is safe and nothing is posing any threats to it.

An alarm set for a home or an office

The wireless Dione alarm system is a perfect solution providing security to an office and to ensure quick response and security by an emergency response team. A perfect and inexpensive solution for small and medium-sized businesses. Put your trust in Polish quality! The Dione alarm control unit is completely designed and made in Poland. So is the Dione App application. We offer excellent functionality, such as switching alarms on and off using a cell phone or a smartphone. SMS notifications and push notifications in the Android system. The functionality of the system also makes it possible to check which employees are present at the office and which are not. All you have to do is add their company phones to the alarm system and assign appropriate authorizations, as required, such as switching on or off of alarms.